This past year we continued our mission to help our clients get a more intuitive, integrated and agile IT Infrastructure in order for them to operate in today’s fast-changing and highly demanding business environment. We will keep doing that in 2018. 

More and more we rely on technology that supports us in our daily activities: IOTK, Artificial Intelligence, Blockchain, Robotics, Data Security, hacks and so on. Organizations need to change the way they operate to be able to keep up with all this. But change is very hard and if not done properly, it will not latch on or be efficient. 

With our approach, we were able to help businesses make that transition throughout 2017. This is why we feel it has been a fantastic year for Simtech. We worked on some interesting new projects with clients, challenging the way everyone should think about Enterprise Infrastructure. We have started some revolutions and we can honestly say that it was amazing to see how organizations became more agile and have found the power of DevOps. 

2017 has also been a great year for Simtech because we have grown considerably. Not only in the number of projects we are working on, but also quite literally, by expanding our Amsterdam office, opening a new office in London and hiring several new co-workers.  

In this past year, we have also been part of some great events about Technology and IT. We connected with many interesting people at the Oracle Cloud Day, of which we were a proud sponsor. And not to forget the DevOps-days in Amsterdam, where we raffled off a DJI Sparks drone.

In 2018 we will continue all this and we hope to serve you with our experience and knowledge.

We believe the time is right to start the full adoption of large scale containerization within corporate IT. We will back this up with publications, client sessions and events. We will assure to have well-known specialists available to explain the best way to adopt containers and integrate these into your landscape and maximize the benefit by connecting your innovation landscape with your infrastructure.

As we see containers as the perfect bridge to integrate on-premise platforms with the public cloud, we will provide guidance and concepts on how to design your road map and achieve the competitive business advantage your organization requires. We will explain why we prefer containers as a solution to re-define your cloud and hybrid application infrastructure.

Mature IT requires great tools. We are continuously searching for the latest and most innovative tools and monitoring the developments in the market. We provide good analyses of your current toolset, in order to see if your strategy still works or if we should adjust it. We will provide you with business cases, insights and recommendations, to inspire you and give you the advantage to kickstart your own selection.

With our new partner Dynatrace, we also hope to support you with the best business, application and infrastructure monitoring solutions available today, which of course, is container friendly.

All together we have a strong agenda and together with our partners, we will support you to make your IT Infrastructure transformations a success. Expect some interesting articles about cutting-edge concepts such as Edge Computing and FAAS (Function as a Service) on our blog soon. 

2018 will be a great year!

Team Simtech