How far are you with your journey to the Cloud? If you don’t watch out, agile organisations with innovative technology and a disruptive mentality will pass you by!

The amount of time it takes a Database Administrator (DBA) to keep database farms up and running is extensive. We expect them to apply requested changes, preferably “yesterday”. Not to mention the long provisioning timelines, due to lack of automation. Therefore it is no surprise a DBA can easily become overwhelmed by requests coming from various directions like; app users, developers, system administrators.

Provisioning can be a tedious job if done manually. With Ansible you can automate this, model your IT infrastructure by describing how all systems inter-relate, rather than just managing one system at a time and enable execution in the shortest time possible.

This past year we continued our mission to help our clients get a more intuitive, integrated and agile IT Infrastructure in order for them to operate in today’s fast-changing and highly demanding business environment. We will keep doing that in 2018. 

Nearly every company today is an IT-company. But not all of them are as agile as they should be. Agile and DevOps are used interchangeable, but are they really? Can you work truly agile without a DevOps way of working? In our opinion: NO! But to become more agile, just implementing DevOps won’t do the trick.

As you know, we are hiring. While opening our London office, more about that later, we have found a new co-worker. With over twelve years of experience in strategizing, architecting, development and testing, we feel we have found the right person for the job in Lakshimi Nadaduru. He has worked in different domains, such as Telecommunications, in the Financial/Payments Industry and in several public domains.  

The world is rapidly changing with innovation going faster than ever before, which puts some familiar balances in the world at stake. In business, this is reflected in the way technology is becoming more and more interwoven with our daily way of working.  

As your trusted partner in advanced infrastructure and private cloud solutions, with notable international expertise in Oracle Engineered Systems, we’re delighted to share that we've been invited to present at next week's Oracle Cloud Day 2015.

We are Simtech Consulting. We believe there should be an intuitive, integrated and agile IT infrastructure at the heart of every organization.

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