Exalogic is one of the preferred platforms for setting up a high performing private cloud solution. The Exalogic engineered system provides a lot of performance, flexibility, reliability and scalability. It acts as an ideal building block for a private cloud solution that supports the innovation teams. We can help you create a fully automated innovation pipeline on Exalogic, following best practices from both worlds; Oracle and Open source. We provide the following services:
•    Architecture planning and designs
•    Oracle Exalogic installation services
•    Automation on Oracle Exalogic
•    Oracle Exalogic Professional Services
•    Oracle Exalogic Training / Skills Transfer

Whether you are looking for a 100% reliable and redundant active-active Exalogic setup, following the highest security standards or you need support with the on-boarding of new applications, Simtech will support you and make sure you make the most out of your Exalogic systems.