Our consultants and engineers are passionate professionals who thrive when presented with a challenge, approach each problem head‐ and hands‐on, and take personal ownership of each project.


Simtech is a boutique consulting firm that helps their clients with expertise consulting services within corporate IT infrastructure organizations. We are a specialist in large-scale corporate IT Infrastructure Solutions and Strategies, inspired by the latest disruptive IT developments.

We are driven to deliver the most complete and agile on-premise or public cloud IT infrastructure solutions within client boundaries. We are a knowledge provider and supports our clients with cultural and operational transformations.


Simtech is a young and dynamic company, with fun, hardworking and professional employees who work together on our knowledge and our company growth. We continuously analyze technological trends in order to accelerate innovation. We are never apprehensive of technological change. We offer you the opportunity to work closely with some of the industry leaders that will stimulate your (personal) growth and development.

Our employees are provided with knowledge enrichment through training and hands-on experience with new vendor propositions. You will be at the forefront market and are bound to be known of being highly innovative which enterprises could leverage on to guarantee their success.