The Oracle Cloud Day was a great event, with interesting speeches from renowned speakers and breakout sessions, where we had the chance to meet a lot of new people. 

The theme of the day was “Next is Now”, which perfectly fits with our mission. The main take away of this conference? Everybody benefits from the cloud. ‘From the younger generation playing World of Tanks, to the older generation with health issues, getting a notification about their medicines’, to quote René van Stiphout, (Managing Director, Oracle Nederland) who opened the Oracle Cloud Day 2017, which was held on December 12 in Nieuwegein, NL. 

Key note speeches 

Throughout the day keynote speeches could be heard from speakers such as Neil Sholay, Vice President of Oracle Next, who spoke about innovation and the role of the cloud. And Daan Roosgaarde, artist and innovator, who gave his lecture on the “Landscapes of the Future”, where smart technologies are being intertwined with the landscape, not only to make that landscape more beautiful, but also to create a better and safer world. 

Phase three 

The closing keynote speech by Steven van Belleghem, really hit home for us. He spoke about the third phase of digitalisation: far-reaching automation and artificial intelligence, and the impact that this has on the shift in relations between customers and organisations. “For customers this is the start of the most exciting phase ever,” Van Belleghem said. For business, it means they have to shift their focus on customer experience, by becoming a ‘data first’ company. And that is exactly what we at Simtech try to do for our clients. If you want to enter that third phase and want to know how we can help you with that, do not hesitate to contact us. 

Thank you

We had a good time at the Oracle Cloud Day 2017. We got the chance to meet a lot of new people and have interesting discussions on IT-development and the importance of an agile IT-infrastructure to help meet today’s demands. We also got to speak to some of the great minds that were attending the Oracle Cloud Day and we learned a lot from them. For us, the day was a real success, partly because of you. So we thank you for sharing this day with us!