These days it is all about data and digital transformation. Data is the biggest part of most organisations and the potential value of it is enormous. It means that organisations need to be agile to make the best use of this data.

Before you know it, start-ups with innovative technology and a disruptive mentality will pass you by. So is the time for digital transformation! Where do you start? How do you make optimal use of your Oracle infrastructure to facilitate agility?

Come to the Oracle Cloud Day! Together with industry leaders and likeminded people we will look for answers on how to:

- Assess how digital your organisation is at this moment.
- Find ways to transform your organisation so that you can keep up with demands of today’s and tomorrow’s world.
- Create a strategy to start that transformation, which will be carried throughout the entire organisation.
- Modernize existing workloads and transition and them to the cloud.

We will also be looking at topics such as DevOps, Intelligent Security, Human Capital Management and Big Data.

Throughout the day there will be key note speakers including Neil Sholay of Oracle’s team Next, Liam Nolan, VP of Cloud Applications Development and Daan Roosgaarde, Dutch artist, designer and inventor. There will be breakout sessions in which we will tell you about infrastructure and middleware transformations and migrations with Oracle’s Cloud based solutions.

The Oracle Cloud Day is on December 12th, in the NBC Congress centre in Nieuwegein.

Reserve your spot for the Oracle Cloud day today and make sure you are prepared for the challenges of tomorrow. Next is now - Explore Tomorrow, Today!

See you on December 12.

Kind Regards,
Team Simtech

Simtech is a proud sponsor of the Open Cloud Day 2017. Join us at the Experience Plaza!