Rather than telling you in all detail who we are and what we do, we prefer to start by explaining why Simtech Consulting even exists. Basically, all our efforts are aimed at facilitating innovation and increasing the pace of software deployment for companies. Many of them still work with closed source (legacy) systems, while even these can be transformed into rapidly delivering workstreams. So there it is!  

Talking about us is actually talking about you and how we can assist your organization in achieving your innovation goals in an IT environment that is changing at an unprecedented rate. Sure, there are means to an end so you can rest assured that we have quite literally stacks of technology at our disposal. But as no two companies are exactly the same, nor are the exact solutions and configurations to get from A to B. Besides, today’s technology can be outdated tomorrow or, more likely, the day after tomorrow. What makes us stand out from others is our layered and fully integrated approach to migrations to a properly thought-out cloud solution, either public or private.


Fully automated software deployment

Simtech Consulting can extend a firm hand to create a fully automated software deployment pipeline that allows you to rapidly process code from development to production, all tailored to your precise operational needs on almost any existing infrastructure. Or, simply put, our approach allows for seamless alignment of your business processes and application delivery through built-in agile development systematics. The objective is to make efficient, fast, reliable, synchronized and repeatable changes with the simple touch of a button.

Some of you may know us from working with Oracle Exalogic, as some of our clients have been working with Oracle for decades. For others, we build and implement fully automated solutions based on cloud services offered by Amazon Web Services and Microsoft Azure. In all cases however, we take care of the entire cycle, from initial analysis, to architectural design and all the way to the implementation. Our clients have in common that they all process high numbers of transactions every day such as banks, insurance companies, telecommunication companies and automotive companies, to name just a few.

Being innovative by nature ourselves, we started developing our own software as well. Not that we need to but just for the sake of passion! All is done with just a handful of colleagues, including architects, engineers and consultants, some of whom have been with us since the foundation at the beginning of this century. But then again, who wants to know?

It’s all about you!